New Beginnings

So this blog has transformed over the years and is going through another metamorphosis. What was once a writing blog is now a personal blog, a home for all of my many projects to congregate, though I will focus more on music projects than anything and not so much on my writing.

I still write under various pen names, and they have taken on a life of their own. Some of my books sell well every month, helping me to pay my bills, though many have gone into obscurity (or worse, the way of the dodo). Though I have considered including some of my pen names on this site, I have ultimately decided to focus on my musical endeavors, keeping my stories in their own realm while this blog shifts to a musical aim.

For those who have followed me while this was a writing blog a few years back, you may want to keep it on your list of blogs to follow, particularly if you are interested in music, specifically guitar.

I am undertaking a big project lately you may be interested in, somewhat of an extension of my music store. As a part of this project, I now offer lessons via Skype and have installed a complete video studio in my house (so now I have my main office for writing and Skype lessons and a second studio just for video shoots). I also have spent countless hours working on creating various resources (exercises, lessons, etc). I will be sharing many of those on my music web site’s blog in the coming months:

The site is still in its infancy, though it is my primary focus (besides my store, of course) and will be growing quickly in the coming years.

This blog will journal my progress with that multi-year project as well as the happenings of my daily existence (for those who might be curious of what a guitar teacher’s life is like). For those following this blog, you’ll get one part everyday life, one part music education (yes, you’ll learn something here!), and one part awesomeness.

So without further ado: version 2.0 of my blog!



Please let me know your thoughts

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