I – IV – V7 Chord Progression Lesson

Song of the Day – “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones

Got to bed at the usual “rock ‘n’ roll” time of 3:00am this morning and awoke at 7:30am. Nothing like a 4.5 hour power nap to kick off a beautiful Thursday.

The reason for my lack of sleep was my obsession with the guitar. As if I don’t have enough of an outlet teaching several dozen guitar students, running a music store, and practicing, I now find the urge to create more and more videos for the upcoming project as well as its accompanying blog. Between takes and waiting for things to export/upload/misc my mind digs into topics discussed during early part of the week during lessons. I’ve had a number of theory discussions this week and figured I’d do a quick lesson on the I – IV – V7 chord progression in the key of C.

Notes and TAB are included as well as accompanying videos of each example. It was a fun little sidetrack for me today between other work. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to comment, follow my music blog, like it on Facebook…or all three!

Check out the post here: http://www.guitarlessonswithryan.com/chord-study-1

Now time to get back to work…

Enjoy the lesson!


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