Warming Up The Fingers

Song of the Day – “Don’t Cross The River” by America

GLWRAfter a long, cold, windy, frigid, icy, [add your own adjective], long winter, my fingers have begun to thaw out (finally!).

I figured there’s no time better than today to share my favorite finger warm-up exercises.

So I got to work by writing them all out (in standard notation and TAB), and heading into the AVS (awesome video studio) to record a few examples for you to use.

These work well for both the beginner and the seasoned guitarist. Though there are many exercises, these get to the core of the patterns you’ll encounter while playing scales, riffs, solos, etc. I use these exercises every day prior to beginning my practice session and they work wonders!

Check out the first of the series of exercises on my music site: http://www.guitarlessonswithryan.com/daily-warmup-1



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