Another Manic Monday

Song of the Day: “Honey Bee” by Steam Powered Giraffe

I know it’s technically Tuesday, but here’s Monday’s post 🙂

Mondays are typically crazy and so there’s no lesson today on my music blog, though I am putting the finishing touches on tomorrow’s lesson. I did much of the work for it yesterday and after teaching a full day of lessons at the shop today. There are a bunch of original exercises I wrote plus six videos all based on adding the vi chord to the major chords in the key of C Major. If you are learning the guitar (particularly if you are working on theory, note reading, chords, etc), you should definitely check it out when I post it.

There was a lot of great guitar/theory/music discussion in lessons today, which I always love. The day cruises by at full speed when I am surrounded by people who absorb their lesson, showing their enthusiasm throughout, and leaving with smiles on their faces. This is part of the reason why when I wake up in the morning, I am grateful to have the life I do. To spend most of my time around music (and people who love music too) is such an amazing thing.

After a nearly 14-hour day of teaching, writing music, constructing lessons, and practicing, it’s time to spend time with my girlfriend.

Enjoy the song of the day by an amazing band called Steam Powered Giraffe. One of my students turned me on to them back in December, and I’ve been hooked on their incredible vocal harmonies and great song-writing skills ever since.

Until tomorrow (err…later today?)



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